Better Spiritually, Emotionally, Relationally, Financially...Than Ever! (Haggai 2:9)

Like those milestone birthdays, the transition to a new year is a time of reflection.  For some of us, we are not enamored with what we see.  Sure, we have experienced some success.  But we know that there is more on the inside of us.  There is a different level that we can achieve In Him. (Eph 1)  We want to go from good to great.  We want to be Better Than Ever!!!  And we are ready to put actions to our desires!!!

Additional Messages

Better Than Ever (Haggai 2:9)

After returning from 70 years of Babylonian/Persian bondage, the Hebrews faced external opposition as they attempted to rebuild the temple and allowed it to stop their God-given mission. With the prophetic Word of God through Haggai, they started rebuilding again. And once again, they ran into opposition. This time, it was internal. Sensing their disappointment, God sends Haggai with another prophecy that encourages them to BE STRONG and get back to WORK with the understanding that HE IS WITH THEM. Therefore, their latter glory will be greater than their former.

R U Stopping U? (1 Samuel 9-15 & Philippians 1:6)

Are you stopping you? Are you your own glass ceiling? That was the issue with King Saul. He did not believe in himself and what God could do through him. So he became his own worst enemy. And the same thing is applicable to some of us. Join us as we explore our self-destructive tendencies versus the way God sees us.  He says that He is not finished with us yet.