A Study of The Book of Genesis

With Genesis, we are introduced to a series of beginnings.  The beginning of earth, the animal kingdom, mankind, sin, marriage and the Hebrew nation are a few of the beginnings explored in this book.  As you may expect, these beginings are packed with valuable life lessons.  So join us as we unpack them and grow!!!  


God Is Awesome!!! (Genesis 1 & 2)

In Genesis 1 & 2, we read of the creation of heaven and earth. With each day of creation, God, the Master Architect, and Potter, speaks things into existence. Think about that. How awesome is that!!! Or shall I say, God, the Master Designer, is AWESOME and worthy of praise!!!!

But There Is Hope!!! (Genesis 3)

With the disobedience and deception of Adam and Eve, sin was introduced into the world. Theologians call it "The Fall" and we are still feeling the effects of their bad choices today. But there is hope. For even in the midst of issuing punishment, God states that a Gracious Overcomer is coming. (Gen 3:15)

Noah: God's Man 

(Genesis 6-9)

Noah was an obedient man who resisted the wicked and sinful temptations of society to walk faithfully with the Lord. Therefore, He was a man that God could trust with "Mission Impossible" size assignments. He was God's man. He was a man who trusted Yahweh which made Him a man that Yahweh could trust.

In Him & For Him

(Genesis 11:1-9)

The descandents of Noah sought to build a tower to reach the heavens. That sounds harmless and somewhat noble until we examine their motives. They sought to make a name for themselves.

What Will U Do While U Wait? (Genesis 16)

One of the most difficult spiritual disciplines to master is patience...the willingness and ability to wait on Yahweh to do that which He said he would do. We are not alone. Abram and Sarai struggled with patience as well. Join us as we examine their struggle and see what lessons we can learn.

The Beauty of Imperfect Faith (Genesis 17)

There is a misconception that when we accept Jesus as our Lord & Savior, our faith must be perfect. No doubt. No questions. No mistakes. Just rock-solid perfect faith. But that's not true. Faith is dynamic. It grows as we journey with Yahweh. And there is beauty in that growth.

There Is A Lot Out There Who Needs You (Gen 13, 14 & 18)

As we proceed on our faith-based journeys, there are times when we come upon someone who can use some assistance with their journey. While stopping to help them can slow us down, it is worth it. For we were not intended to take this journey alone. There is a Lot out there who could benefit from our wisdom. There is a Lot out there who needs us.

Fear Induced Sin (Genesis 20)

When we find ourselves in a sticky situation and the pressure is on, fear has a way of revealing the worst in us and pushing us to sin. But even in the midst of this, God does not give up on us.

Between 2 Laughs (Gen 18, Gen 21, Heb 11)

When the Lord appears unto Abraham and says that this time next year, Sarah will bear a child, she sarcastically laughs. (Gen 18) One year later, she gives birth to the promised child Isaac and appreciatively laughs. (Gen 21)  But here is my question, what happens between the sarcastic laugh of "unbelief" and the appreciative laugh? How did Sarah become the mighty woman of faith described in Hebrews 11? 

You Gotta Pass The Test (Gen 22:1-18)

Like Abraham, there is a purpose for all of our lives. But in order to fully walk in it, there are some tests that we must pass. What do we need to do to pass the inevitable tests? While there can be as many answers to that question as people asking, there is one constant that is true for all. And Abraham serves as an excellent example. Join us as we examine the spiritual tool that allowed Abraham to pass his test final exam.

The Pull & Tug of Faithfulness (Gen 24)

While Abraham was a mighty man of faith, he was not perfect. He had his struggles. But in the midst of impatience, doubt, and a struggle to understand the Father's ways, he remained faithful unto the Father who also remained faithful unto him. There was a tug and pull in their relationship that unlocked blessings, increased confidence, influenced others, and generated praise.

Can Does Not Equal Should (Gen 25:19-34)

In season 2, episode 2 of the Netflix relaunch of Lost in Space, John the Father tells his 19-year-old ambitious daughter that a part of being an adult is realizing that just because you can do something does not mean that you should do something. In Gen 25, Jacob opportunistically takes a course of action because he could not because he should which has a rippling effect across multiple families.

Passion or Unhealthy Obsession (Gen 27)

We all have dreams, ambitions, and goals. Like Jordan, Kobe, and Beyonce, it is our pursuit of those goals that can serve as the motivating fuel in our lives. If we learn to pair our God-given talents with that passion on the inside of us, success awaits. But what happens when our pursuit of those goals goes shifts from a healthy passion to an unhealthy obsession.

In Spite Of Us, Yahweh Is Faithful (Gen 28)

Jacob took advantage of his twin brother's overly dramatic evaluation of his hunger and purchased the birthright for pennies on a dollar. Then the hustler tricked his father, Isaac, into blessing him instead of his brother Esau. But, Yahweh, God the Father still promised to bless Jacob and be with him anyway. Why? He made a promise and as a promise keeper, the Father is faithful.