Lady Ann provides us with words of wisdom and encouragment.  These nuggets challenge us to fervently pursue the Father as we live our best Godly lives now as wives, husbands, spouses, leaders and co-workers. 

Additional Messages

Holy Clothes

Are you wearing your "Holy" clothes?  For some of us, the answer is no.  We are clothed but not in the spiritual clothing supplied to us by the Father.  Join us as Lady Ann encourages us clothe ourselves in the righteousness of God.

Protect Your Peace

The enemy seeks to kill, steal and destroy. But as the old Sunday School song says, we can have P.E.A.C.E. in the Holy Ghost. Join us as we learn how to protect our peace from the attacks of the enemy.

Open Your Eyes

How often do you think about the unseen spiritual battle that is going on around you? There is a spiritual battle going on. But are you fighting a physical battle in a spiritual world?

Open Your Eyes (Part 2)

Have you ever "accidentally on purpose" overlooked some information that was right in front of you?  Lady Ann calls that WILLFUL blindness.  Check out this video to see what she means by that.

Letting Go Of Dead Things

There is a season for everything. And that includes letting go of dead things.

Positioned for Purpose

We have all been created and positioned for a purpose. The question is "what are we doing to walk in that purpose"? Like Abram, are you trusting the Father and taking a step of faith? Join us as Lady Ann helps us walk in our positioned purpose..

What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for? What are your expectations? What are your expectations of God, others, or yourself? Expectations coupled with faith have a major impact on our ceiling? Low expectations. Low ceiling. High expectations. High ceiling. Which one do you have?